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About NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania

In July 2016, the National Alliance on Mental Illness selected NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania to become the official state NAMI organization in Pennsylvania. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania was chosen as the name for the new state organization.

The designation gives Pennsylvania a unified voice in advancing NAMI’s mission of raising awareness about mental health and providing recovery-focused support, education, and advocacy for people living with mental illness and their loved ones.

NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania is a 501(c)(3) grassroots nonprofit organization certified by the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO). It is home to several programs in the Southwest region, including the Consumer Action Response Team (CART) of Allegheny County, the Consumer and Family Satisfaction Team of Armstrong and Indiana Counties, and the Adult Advocacy Program in Allegheny County.

Kathy Testoni, President
Charma D. Dudley, PhD, FPPR, First Vice President
Neen Davis, Second Vice President
Cherie Brummans, Secretary
Michelle Hottenstein, CPA, Treasurer
Joretha Bourjolly, MSW, PhD
Jack Cahalane, PhD
Joan L. Erney, JD
Michelle Gerwick, MBA
Kimberly K. Mathos, DO, MPH
Sushma Sharma, PhD

Christine Michaels, Chief Executive Officer
Debbie Ference, Chief Operating Officer
Aleta Barnett, Director of Mental Health Equity and Community Engagement
Ikeya Craig-Swatson, Community Engagement Specialist and SAFE Coordinator
Olivia Dugan, Marketing Specialist
Maria Kakay, Director of Communications and Marketing
Jennifer Lukondi, Education Support Specialist
Sara Levine Steinberg, Manager of Special Events and Technology
Donna McManigle, Standards of Excellence Compliance Specialist
Joel Richard, Director of NAMI Signature Programs
Jenny Vaporetti, Adult Mental Health Advocate
Nikki Weigand, Director of Advocacy and Public Policy
Sarah Wojdylak, Website and Database Specialist

NAMI Chester County, PA

CART (Consumer Action and Response Team of Allegheny County)

  • Paul Freund, MEd, Consumer/Family Satisfaction Services Director
  • Jeff Fitzwilliam, CHIPP/CSP Project Coordinator
  • Marilyn Micknowski, Administrative Assistant
  • Phyllis Nettles, Family Engagement Specialist
  • Paula Fortino, Technical Support Specialist
  • Brian J. Rayne, CHIPP/CSP Interviewer
  • Kathleen Stamm, CART Family Interviewer
  • Evan Weiss, CART Interviewer/Information Specialist
  • Susan Wright, Recorder/Interviewer
  • Jane Portman, CART Family Interviewer
  • Steven Hewitt, CART Interviewer

Armstrong/Indiana Counties Consumer/Family Satisfaction Team

  • Aggie Hockenberry, Supervisor
  • Dawn Lawson, Data Specialist
  • Karen Salser, Interviewer
In January 2014, NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania (then NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania) was awarded the Seal of Excellence by the Pennsylvania Association for Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) for successfully completing the Standards for Excellence accreditation program. Out of 1.5 million nonprofits registered in the United States, approximately 200 have earned the Seal of Excellence. NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania is one of 45 accredited nonprofits in Pennsylvania. Read more.

On June 26, 2020, NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Board of Directors approved a resolution condemning racism and pledging our support for public policy that eliminates the mental health disparities perpetuated by racism and racial discrimination. As a state organization and as a staff, we are committed to raising awareness about the impact racism has on mental health in our communities and we are striving to give help and hope to all who need it. You are not alone!

NAMI Keystone PA’s Resolution Condemning Racism

NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania Approves Resolution Against Racism, Recognizes Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

NAMI’s Resolution Condemning Racism

NAMI’s Statement on Recent Racist Incidents and Mental Health Resources for African Americans (May 2020)

NAMI’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

NAMI’s Ask the Expert Webinar: Impact of Racism and Trauma on Black Mental Health