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My Experience With Tardive Dyskinesia

I had been on atypical antipsychotics after having serious side effects from mood stabilizers for Bipolar Disorder Type II when I noticed that the right side of my face would seem to move by itself. At first, I just thought it would go away and because I had had such a hard time getting [...]

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Running for Mental Health: 6 Reasons It Works For Me

I've been a runner for over half my life, but I've never known how to convince other people to start running. Everyone already knows all the reasons to start: improved cardiovascular fitness, increased life expectancy. Everyone knows that more time in the sun means more vitamin D. Everyone has heard about, if not personally [...]

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Taking Care of your Mental Health this Winter

2020 has been quite a year. It’s hard to believe we are already in December and the year is almost over. It felt like 2020 was just getting started when the pandemic hit and crushed all of our plans and expectations. I can’t wait to put 2020 to rest and I hope 2021 is a [...]

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I Can’t Remember a Time Before Mental Illness

I can’t remember a time before mental illness in my life, a time before the thoughts of my own death swam in and out between wondering what was on television and which crayon I wanted to pick next. I can’t remember a time before seeing “visions” that no-one else saw, a time before hating [...]

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Fighting a War in My Head

I was diagnosed in high school with depression and anxiety then later in life diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder. Looking back on my childhood, I can see the ways I was struggling then and the unhealthy coping skills I learned. Being diagnosed helped in some ways because it gave me a concrete reason as [...]

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