Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 31st)

//Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 31st)

Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 31st)

Check out NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Weekly Roundup, a list of interesting blog posts and online content relating to mental illness and mental health, picked by our staff.

The articles and blogs included on this list do not necessarily represent the views of NAMI.

Local Features

“In the End” by Dr. Rachel Kallem-Whitman on Medium (Link)

Dr. Kallem-Whitman, a local mental health advocate, wrote this beautiful piece on her experience of mania and depression. Her Medium blog often tackles the difficult and hidden-away aspects of living with a mental illness while providing much-needed insight, body-positivity, and even humor to the topic.

“Can an Algorithm Tell When Kids Are in Danger?” by Dan Hurley for The New York Times (Link)

Pittsburgh officials are using a new data analysis program, a predictive-analysis algorithm, to try and help child protective services make better judgment calls on which families to investigate. Officials hope the algorithm will help reduce human error in making these judgment calls, but problems still arise with biased data and a lack of reports.

Around the Web

“Unwanted Emotional Memories: Why It’s Okay to Put a Lid On the Past” by Dr. Mary Lamia for Thrive Global (Link)

In this article Dr. Mary Lamia discusses how individuals manage unwanted emotional memories – memories that through cued response bring up intense negative emotions, often associated with a triggering event. Much of psychotherapy talks about the benefits of exploring the past in ridding ourselves of unwanted emotion memories; Dr. Lamia, however, has found that sometimes, “motivated forgetting” can have therapeutic value.

“A theme for yourself 2018” by Bathan Bushwell for Mental Health Foundation (Link)

This fun article takes on resolution-making by providing five self-focused mental health goals for the year, including “finding a theme for yourself in 2018.” The theme for 2018 worksheet included in this article can help identify activities that are good for individual mental health and make mentally healthy goals for the new year.

“Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO” by Jane Wakefield for BBC (Link)

The World Health Organization will include “gaming disorder” in its 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD), due to be published this year. Gaming disorder is described as “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior so severe that it takes precedence over other life interests.”

Podcast Feature

“Is Marijuana Effective for Treating Mental Illness?” on the Psych Central Podcast by Gabe Howard (Link)

This podcast episode features an unbiased and balanced discussion on the potential for marijuana to be used as a treatment for mental illness, featuring Psych Central CEO and founder Dr. John Grohol. The podcast covers potential benefits and side effects, why so little research has been done on medical marijuana, and why so many people regard medical marijuana as a “miracle drug.”

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