Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 10th)

//Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 10th)

Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 10th)

Check out NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Weekly Roundup, a list of interesting blog posts and online content relating to mental illness and mental health, picked by our staff.

The articles and blogs included on this list do not necessarily represent the views of NAMI.

Local Feature

“How Pittsburgh-area colleges work to meet students’ mental health needs. We surveyed eight schools about the challenges.” by Matt Petras for PublicSource (Link)

The demand for mental health services on campus continues to increase, but are colleges keeping up? PublicSource surveyed students from eight Pittsburgh-area colleges, looking into factors such as average wait time for services, session limits, options for group counseling, availability for part-time students, and whether they use student trainees for counseling. – Alyssa


Around the Web

“Full Disclosure: When Mental Health Professionals Reveal Their Mental Illnesses At Work” by Petra Kottsieper and Loran B. Kundra for the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion of Individuals with Psychiatric Disabilities (Link)

The Temple University Collaborative just published a new report on their findings from a survey of mental health staff living with mental illness in Pennsylvania. The survey found both positive and negative impacts from the disclosure of having a mental illness: whether a positive experience of mutual self-disclosure or acceptance (45% of respondents), or a negative experience of discrimination, micro-aggressions, and/or bullying (18% of respondents).


“End this discrimination against people with mental illness and provide them with care” by Angela Kimball for The Hill (Link)

This news article summarizes the current state of mental health parity in the U.S., using NAMI’s new report, “The Doctor is Out: Continuing Disparities in Access to Mental and Physical Health Care.” Kimball ends with five suggested actions to improve mental health care coverage and accessibility, including expanding reimbursement for health care models that include mental health coverage and reducing barriers for tele-psychiatry coverage. – Alyssa


“The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health” by Jane Brody for The New York Times (Link)

For the past several years, there has been an increase in research on the effects of loneliness and social isolation on health. This article surveys some new findings – that research suggests that loneliness may be a preclinical sign for Alzheimer’s, and that feelings of depression have an even greater risk of cognitive decline than feelings of loneliness alone. Researchers are looking into ways to ease feelings of loneliness, such as getting a pet, taking social classes, or doing volunteer work. – Alyssa


Podcast Feature

“Kinder-Gardening” on Hidden Brain by NPR (Link)

In this podcast, psychologist Alison Gopnik suggests that the idea that parents can shape their children into a particular adult is not entirely accurate, and that this view is the root of anxiety for both children and parents alike. As Gopnik stated, “I think the science suggests that being a caregiver for human beings is…much more about providing a protected space in which unexpected things can happen than it is like shaping a child into a particular king of desirable adult.” – Alyssa


Have an article on mental illness or mental health that you’d like us to consider? Send Alyssa an email at acypher@namikeystonepa.org. We’re especially interested in local features (Pittsburgh region and Pennsylvania)!

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