Weekly Roundup (for the Week of October 29th)

//Weekly Roundup (for the Week of October 29th)

Weekly Roundup (for the Week of October 29th)

Check out NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Weekly Roundup, a list of interesting blog posts and online content relating to mental illness and mental health, picked by our staff.

The articles and blogs included on this list do not necessarily represent the views of NAMI.


Local Features

[Trigger Warning: Stigmatizing Language Regarding Suicide]

“Brain Patterns May Predict People at Risk of Suicide” by Jon Hamilton for NPR (Link)

Interesting new research out of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh examines biological predictors for the risk of suicide in some individuals. – Alyssa


“Shaler Area to Host Suicide Education Presentation for Parents” by Erica Cebzanov for Tribune-Review (Link)

On November 9th, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Western Pennsylvania will be presenting “More than Sad: Suicide Education for Parents” at Shaler Area Middle School. The program addresses identifying risk factors, warning signs, and debunking myths. – Alyssa



Around the Internet

“BBC Like Minds: What to Pack if You’re Going into a Mental Health Facility” – Listener Responses (Link)

After receiving tons of responses to their previous episode on packing for a stay at a mental health treatment facility (here), BBC did an additional segment on listener advice and responses, including what you can send to someone who’s receiving inpatient treatment. Among the suggestions: fluffy socks, coloring books or doodle paper, books, personal photos, and a list of important phone numbers. – Alyssa


“Why It Took a Psychiatric Hospitalization for Maria Bamford to Realize She Could Find Love” by Maria Bamford for The New York Times (Link)

Comedian Maria Bamford, who lives with OCD and bipolar disorder, shared her funny and relatable story of how one of her hospitalizations helped her overcome internalized stigma and realize that people living with mental health conditions are capable of having loving, healthy relationships. As someone who had similar insecurities and got engaged a few months ago, I love how her journey to marrying her husband is equal parts honest and heartwarming. – Nicole


“Obamacare 2018 enrollment opens Wed. with little federal mention, lower rates for some” by Jayne O’Donnell for USA Today (Link)

If you are someone who shops for health care coverage on the Healthcare.gov Marketplace, be sure to familiarize yourself with new changes, especially the earlier December 15th deadline. – Alyssa


“6 Questions To Ask A Therapist Before You Make It Official” by Renée Fabian for Healthline (Link)

If you’re thinking about starting therapy or if you’re at the point where you don’t know if your therapist is the right one for you, this post has a list of important questions to ask yourself or a therapist so you can make sure you get the most out of your therapy sessions. You deserve to get your money’s worth! – Nicole


“The Smartphone Psychiatrist” by David Dobbs for The Atlantic (Link)

An interesting look at the former director of the NIMH Tom Insel and his reflections on his success and failure in the field. – Mike


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