Call To Action – Stop the Impasse Today

//Call To Action – Stop the Impasse Today

Call To Action – Stop the Impasse Today

The budget impasse has gone on long enough and, once again, we think a final budget is close to being done. We need to tell our legislators about the difficult circumstances the impasse has created for human service providers and their clients.

Please take a minute today and email your legislators! Tell them:

The budget impasse has caused unnecessary hardship to many community mental health providers. They are in a state of financial crisis. I expect you to end the budget impasse today and support a budget that fully funds mental health services along with all human service providers who support people with disabilities. These are “essential services.” I live in your district, and I vote in every election. Thank you.


It makes a big difference to add a line about your personal experience with mental illness, such as:

* I am a consumer of mental health services.
* I am a family member and my loved one receives services.
* I am a mental health professional and work with people with mental illness.

Please take action TODAY. Find your state representative here. If you have any issues finding/emailing your legislator, call the NAMI office for help: 412-366-3788.

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