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Out of the Darkness

By Jeffrey T. Fitzwilliam I experienced social anxiety when I was only five years old. I couldn’t speak to anyone, especially girls, all of my elementary school years. In 1958 there was NO awareness or understanding of Mental Health so I was just considered shy and told by many to “just snap out of it and [...]

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Life is a journey, not a destination…

By Gayl Augello: My life has been anything but dull, this is for sure! My diagnosis came while I was in high school. It came after a mental break after trying to be too strong, from traumas in my childhood, for too long. I was 17 years old and rebelling against everything in my life. [...]

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Recovery is a Process

By Lizzy: My first break with reality came when I was 25. It was the summertime, and I was a high-school teacher who had my summer off. I was severely depressed and would stay in bed all day. I was isolating, not eating, not sleeping at night, and drinking a lot of caffeine and alcohol. [...]

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My Brother’s Battle

By Lane Lohman: My brother Douglas James Lohman, born July 31, 1989, passed away unexpectedly this past October after fighting a grueling battle with mental illness. By sharing his unique and difficult journey, my family and I hope to spread awareness, provide support and break the stigma associated with mental health conditions. At just 25 [...]

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