Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 3rd)

//Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 3rd)

Weekly Roundup (For the Week of December 3rd)

Check out NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Weekly Roundup, a list of interesting blog posts, online content, and podcasts relating to mental illness and mental health, picked by our staff.

The articles and blogs included on this list do not necessarily represent the views of NAMI.

Local Feature

“Pittsburgh-area schools are looking to do more to prevent student suicide” by Sean Armstrong for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Link)

North Allegheny School District has been doing an excellent job teaching their students about mental health and suicide prevention. Our education team has done countless In Our Own Voice presentations at this school district, and every time the students are engaged and eager to learn more. – Alyssa


Around the Web

“Woman With Anxiety Tired Of Others Not Understanding What It Is, Decides To Explain It With A Powerful Post” by Stella for Bored Panda (Link)

I always enjoy reading articles that tell someone’s story. They are especially important because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mental illness. Different illnesses manifest themselves in different ways based on the individual. Plus, it gives a shout out at the end to everyone’s favorite mental health organization – NAMI! – Nikki



“Google Partners With NAMI To Increase Understanding Of PTSD” (Link)

NAMI has partnered with Google to create another online screening questionnaire, this time for PTSD. Now, when you Google search “PTSD” or another related term, you will see an option to “check if you may have PTSD.” NAMI and Google hope that this questionnaire will increase the likelihood of individuals who may be experiencing PTSD to seek professional treatment. – Alyssa


“Mental Health Deserves Equal Treatment” (Link)

NAMI released a new report, The Doctor is Out, which looked at disparities in access to mental and physical health care. The report found that many people lack the same access to mental health care as they have for physical health care, despite federal parity laws. Lack of access is a huge burden, forcing people to spend time researching out-of-network providers, and then pay high premiums out-of-pocket. You can learn more about mental health parity, as well as how to contact your legislators about this issue, at the link. – Alyssa


Podcast Features

“Episode 87: Getting Through Disasters” on The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast by Duff the Psych (Link)

Impacted by the current wildfires in Southern California, Dr. Robert Duff, aka Duff the Psych, recorded a skills-based podcast on how to make it through disaster situations and manage anxiety. The tips in this podcast, from rehearsing action plans to focusing on what you have control over, are useful for any crisis situation – whether a natural disaster, family emergency, or generalized anxiety / panic attacks. – Alyssa


“Does Mental ‘Illness’ Exist?” on All in The Mind by RN (Link)

Do we focus too much on the disease model of mental illness: treatments, cures, diagnoses? In this podcast, host Lynne Malcolm interviews Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool. He proposes approaching mental illness from a more human-centered, social perspective, focusing on distress and life circumstances over illness and disease. – Alyssa


Have an article on mental illness or mental health that you’d like us to consider? Send Alyssa an email at acypher@namikeystonepa.org. We’re especially interested in local features (Pittsburgh region and Pennsylvania)!

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