$1000 Star Fundraiser Club

//$1000 Star Fundraiser Club

$1000 Star Fundraiser Club

Congratulations to the star fundraisers of 2015! These go-getting supporters each raised over $1,000 for the 9th Annual NAMIWalks, which took place on Oct. 4 at the Waterfront. Some raised the funds singlehandedly while others recruited a team and led the way to $1,000 in team donations. All donations directly support the mission of NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania. Thank you!

Eva Bednar, South Hills Stampede

Anne Bell, The Pictionary Crew

Lynn Broman, Value Behavioral Health of PA

Duncan Bruce, CommunityCareAskesis2015

Jack Cahalane, Team Bellefield WPIC

Nicole Campbell, Minds Matter

Ryan & Christina Casciani, Mary Lou’s Krew

Jennifer Curran, WPIC Homeless Continuum

Bill Denton in memoriam, South Hills Stampede

Desiree Doyle, Pittsburgh East

James Ehrman, Jim’s Jocks

Debbie Ference, One Step At A Time

Jeffrey Fitzwilliam, FitziesFundraisers2015

Darcey Garda, Corinne’s Cool Crew

Charma Dudley, Value Behavioral Health of PA

Kim Elliott, Individual Walker

Michelle Georges, WPIC Residents

Lea Ann Gerkin, AHCI Walks for NAMI!

Janice Hinkledire, OPTUMistic

Eileen Lovell, South Hills Stampede

Violet Ludwig, NAMI McKeesport Area and MYCS Recovery Advocates

Denise Macerelli, Team Allegheny County DHS

Libby Mascaro, Mary Lou’s Krew

Kelly O’Toole, Team Bellefield WPIC

Melanie Parente, Team Rachel

Jordan Pearlman, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System

Joyce Saunders, Making Strides

Robin Singer, Beaver County NAMI

Sharon  Vogel, NAMI SWPA Support Group

Roberta Walker, NAMI PA Alle Kiski

Deb Wasilchak, NAMIWalks Chair, CommunityCareAskesis2015

Chris Wehs, UPMC Health Plan

Megan  Woodring, Awareness for America

Stay tuned for information on the 10th Annual NAMIWalks, scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 2 at the Waterfront.

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