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Every year, NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania hosts a regional Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference in southwestern Pennsylvania, and a state Mental Health and Wellness Conference in Harrisburg. These events feature innovative keynote speakers, NAMI leaders, and workshops designed for professionals, students, individuals with lived experience, and family members.

Individuals with mental illness face an uphill battle every day. A complicated mental health system. A lack of adequate services. Stigma. Yet, so many overcome these obstacles and find their way to recovery. And of those individuals, many of them are brave enough to share their story.

NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s annual Mental Health and Wellness Conference will celebrate those stories of recovery. But it will also examine barriers that make the journey to recovery that much harder, like stereotypes associated with violence, homelessness, race, and culture.

Registration is open and there are still opportunities to showcase your organization at the conference through sponsorship, exhibiting, or funding a scholarship.

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NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania’s Annual Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference will take place on Friday, June 8, 2018 at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott. This day-long event unifies families, caregivers, and behavioral health professionals who will discuss best practices and new discoveries in youth mental wellness.

Two keynote speakers, Ross W. Greene, Ph.D. and Dior Vargas, bring different backgrounds, perspectives, and methods to a similar mission: crossing boundaries and overcoming obstacles to improve behavioral health care.

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